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Croí na Gaillimhe is driven by a small team of skilled and dedicated staff, board and volunteers. Our job is to offer social, educational and developmental support for people who find themselves isolated or socially or economically excluded.

The resource centre acts as a social network for people living in the City or County of Galway, where they can attend classes, clubs and groups, meet up with old friends or meet new friends, take part in activities which are enjoyable and fun, sometimes educational or creative as well as accessing useful information and resources.

Spirit of Active Community

We provide a range of social and learning support services to people in Galway across the entire intergenerational and intercultural spectrum. As a result of our work many social and personal development needs of individuals, as well as certain wider family and community needs, are met. In partnership with other agencies and organisation we contribute to a better served individuals, families and communities.

As the name suggests, Croí na Gaillimhe is located in the heart of Galway City but its work goes very much to the heart of the Galway Community. It was founded in 2009 and is based in Maureen O’Connell House, 1 Mill Street, Galway. Croí na Gaillimhe was funded through the generous legacy of Maureen O’Connell.

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1) To improve the lives of older people, parents, migrants and men, especially those most in need of support.
2) To develop skills of adults, especially those most in need of support.
3) To increase and enhance intergenerational and intercultural contact.
4) To enhance relationships with relevant local, regional and national partners.

1) Maintain and develop the existing support programme for older people.
2) Develop a support programmes for parents, migrants and men.
3) Develop a range of training programmes for adults.
4) Maintain and develop the existing intergenerational programme.
5) Work effectively with partners in relation to all programmes.
6) Govern, manage and operate the centre efficiently and effectively.

The Society of St Vincent de Paul is an international Christian, voluntary organisation. Working directly with people, its volunteers provide help to individuals in need, whoever they are, wherever they are from, whatever their religion or beliefs. Direct person-to-person contact with people who need help is a core feature of the approach of the Society. The range of activities has expanded over the years and is based on:
• Providing support and friendship, with relationships based on trust and respect
• Promoting of self-sufficiency, with short term help designed to create greater self-sufficiency in the longer term
• Working for Social Justice and advocating changes needed to create a more just and caring society for all
The Society of St Vincent de Paul in Ireland is involved in delivering a wide range of services including:
• Visiting people at home, in hospitals and in prisons
• Providing practical support and information to people who contact them
• Helping people to link with a range of statutory social services and voluntary agencies
• Running SVP Shops, offering great value clothing and household goods to local communities
• Providing support towards the cost of education
• Running Family Resource Centres, Youth clubs and Holiday Centres
• Providing short summer activities for young people, families and older people
• Provision of social housing
• Provision of hostel accommodation for people who are homeless