Men’s Group & Social Club


Our men’s group was established in January 2012. The membership of our men’s group includes men living in homeless hostels or who are isolated, marginalized and otherwise disadvantaged.

Currently, the group consists of 5 to 8 regular members of 30+ years of age. Every participant is bound by confidentiality and mutual respect for the duration of the session. All men are equally invited to express themselves freely and fully while a supportive and non-judgemental environment is maintained.

Open to every man in Galway,
of any age, culture and ability

Standard activities include discussion, movies, music, stories, poetry and games. Tea and cakes are provided for the duration of the evening. As the needs of the individual men are addressed dynamically, no one session is alike.

For example, during a recent session, the men expressed a sense of inadequacy when compared to younger generations. The resulting heated discussion was followed by watching a drama film that addresses inter-generational differences by using an inspirational story. It highlighted the benefits an older man can bring into the life of young men. During the group reflection afterwards, the change of the men’s perception of that specific issue was noted.

Focus on the needs and
wishes of the members

The core session is complemented by other activities such as group outings etc. In a partnership with guest facilitators, we organize and promote movement and relaxation workshops, self-management seminars, computer classes or even clay modelling.

Our initiative leads primarily to the reduction of the men’s isolation while providing a safe space for self-expression and socializing. This positively affects the men’s personal wellbeing and development, which contributes to enhancing the quality of their lives.

We meet every Thursday from 3 PM to 5 PM.

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