Services for Older People


Our services for older people offer many opportunities for people aged 55 years and over to make new friends, enjoy good nourishing food as well as to get active in a safe and enjoyable way. The club meets on a Wednesday and it’s all about friendship, support, independence and being part of our community. Everybody is welcome!

Lunch Club 1-2 PM



Lunch Club meets on a Wednesday (1-2pm). The meals consist of two courses, main and desert, tea or coffee reasonable priced at €7. We cater for all dietary needs. The lunch club is a very social occasion as much as it is a dining one. It’s where friends meet up or where new friends are made. The lunch club is designed to support older people who may feel isolated in the community to overcome loneliness, and improve their quality of life. After the lunch we offer activities and games, guest speakers, outings, celebrate birthdays and well known festivals as part of our social club.

Social Club 2-4 PM



The afternoon usually starts off with a few games of bingo (a great favourite) followed by floor games such as bocce, target mat, inflatable skittles, bean bag game and much more. It’s a very supportive environment with plenty of opportunity to participate as much or as little as you want. The club is for and about its members. We welcome participants becoming involved in the running of the club by suggesting activities, or putting forward ideas to keep the club vibrant and relevant to their lives. The activities are complemented by other initiatives including guest speakers on such topics as falls prevention and foot health, deaf hear, on aids for hearing loss and safety tips from the Community Guards. We have organised various workshops on mobile phone use, drumming, flower arranging, chair based yoga and origami. We have collaborated with Forge Studios a local clay arts studio on a reminiscence project as well as partaking in a drumming workshop with a city based youth group.

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Reducing loneliness
Creating connections

Our focus is reducing isolation and offering companionship, support and a sense of belonging and wellbeing. Our lunch and social club is a special place where older people can come to spend a few hours enjoying wholesome meals and interesting activities. Older people are vulnerable to loneliness and isolation owing to many factors – separation or loss of friends and family, reduced mobility or limited income, and depression. Our lunch and social club goes some way to tackling these issues of social isolation and loneliness by providing vital companionship and engaging interests.

All working together: staff,
volunteers and members

Staff are supported by an excellent team of volunteers to run the lunch and social club. Members enjoy themselves, make friends and participate with all activities to the best of their abilities. Prospective members or their family or those advocating on their behalf are encouraged to visit the centre and get a ‘feel for the place’. Those wishing to join the lunch and social club are asked to fill out a simple registration form and be in a position to adhere to simple membership criteria.

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