What we do


Croí na Gaillimhe (The Heart of Galway) is actively involved in the provision of a range of services to isolated people in Galway City and County. We work with people affected by poverty, isolation and social exclusion, including older people, intergenerational groups, disadvantaged parents and people parenting alone, migrants, adults with a range of educational needs and socially isolated men. Since its inception Croí na Gaillimhe fills a gap in existing provision for people experiencing social isolation and to complement and coordinate with existing services in Galway.

Reaching Out

Reaching out to people is an important part of what we do. We are aware of people who have become isolated in our society and actively invite them to visit our resource centre. Our aim is to help people build their self confidence and develop their skills. Our team of expert volunteers run social clubs and practical courses in an informal setting in addition to our formal training courses. We Integrate people, who may be feeling marginalised, back into our society in a positive and safe environment.

Open Door

Our open door policy welcomes people from all walks of life, all age groups and all socio-economic backgrounds. When a person is faced with a crisis point in their life, or unexpectedly arrives at a crossroad, Croí na Gaillimhe is there to listen, to inspire and to provide practical assistance to get each individual back on track.

Sharing Skills

Sharing skills is enthusiastically encouraged. Very often people who have benefited from visiting the resource centre go on to become a tutor or volunteer themselves. Everyone has something to offer and can help others to develop new life and work skills or engage in hobbies and interests that give their lives more meaning.

Tea and Dance Club
Creative Writing Club
Intergenerational Programme
Conversational English Classes
Mental Health & Anxiety Support
Homework Club
Men’s Group
Social Club
Knitting Club
Lunch Club
Smart Spending
Child First Aid
Energy Saving
Computer Training
Alternations Workshop
Mending Workshops
Creative Dressmaking
Movement & Relaxation
Time Management Skills
Mobile Phone Workshop
4 meeting rooms from 5 up to 40 people
Flat Screen TV, Overhead Projector
Flipchart, Whiteboard, Tea/Coffee
Internet Access (Wi-Fi and LAN)
10 Laptops and Networked Printers
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Furnished rooms available to let